Monday, March 17, 2008

Democratic Progressive Party defeated itself

Taiwan's fengshui resembles a fish. However, I am still unsure of where the head and the tail of the fish are sitting at. It is unlike Malaysia where the state Johor is clearly the head of the fish with its mouth opening at Johor Bahru. Singapore is a carp on the land of fish pearls.

Looking at Taiwan's Presidential Elections, it seems to me that the South of Taiwan is most likely where the head of the fish locates. And how did I draw such assumption? Looking at this politically, regardless of DPP or KMT, the winning party over South of Taiwan shall rule the whole of Taiwan.

Chen Sui Bian won the hearts of South of Taiwan and took on the Presidential role. Before Ma Ying-Jieou decided to participate in this presidential run, he spent an entire year going around South of Taiwan to engage with the residents sincerely. Clearly, Ma has really given much thought to the matter compared to Chen. This is also what I call fengshui's magnetism. That is, we use magnetism to get merge spirits and energies; from sociology's point of view, it is seen as an approach to blend in with the crowd in hope of gaining popularity along the way.

The people who are of great help to Ma today are, the citizens who used to support DPP, Chen Wen Xi who pushed Chen to the Presidential throne, Shen Fu Xiong who resented DPP and Shi Ming De who leads the Red Army.

Taiwan's Zhong Tian channel that broadcasts the programmes 'Wen Xi Xiao Mei Da' and 'Quan Ming Zui Da Dang' are all zooming Chen and DPP into criticism. Whenever DPP reveals any strategic movements, KMT will always expose DPP's plan over the television.

Given such advanced technology today and influential media such as Phoenix Television, we are able to get our objectives right to perceive this Taiwan's Presidential Elections.

Friends, according to life analysis, Ma and Chen are as if water and fire respectively. They are unable to come together and thus Ma is seen as Chen's unlucky star. Many times, Ma certainly caused umpteen headaches for Chen.

Although Ma has been selected, he will only be officially taking on the Presidential role on 20th May. So, between this crucial periods, Ma's status is still easily challenged by Chen should there be any problems with Ma.

Courageous people will receive heaven's help and righteous people will support Ma. From what I see, Taiwan shall be experiencing relatively good luck.

I sincerely hope that Ma will be elected as the President and confident that Ma will be capable of exciting the Asia's stock market.

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