Tuesday, March 4, 2008

US Elections

In 2004, I have once predicted that Europe and U.S will be the most badly hit countries for the next twenty years. Looking at the 7th Luck Cycle (1984-2003), it came the formation of the European Union and introduced a common currency, euro. These have been least expected among the people. Under the leadership of Clinton, U.S has also progressed remarkably. As the Luck Cycle turned to the 8th, glamorous events came to a turning point. Today, Europe and U.S both faced their predicament. It is similar to Russia's condition in the 6th Luck Cycle, when it flourished and collapsed in the 7th Luck Cycle. Looking at these, we ought to believe in the energies of the Flying Star.

Inevitably, Europe gradually ended up in a crisis after 2004. Similarly, the U.S economy has also weakening under the leadership of Bush. Today, U.S election is the hype. Hillary and Obama are representing the Democrats while McCain is representing the Republicans.

Hillary has always been regarded the best candidate to resurrect U.S' plunging economy. However, it seems that all walks of life have turned to support Obama instead. The blacks like Obama and Michael Jackson certainly managed to capture the hearts of the people. If not for Michael Jackson's misconducts, he could have remained in the hearts of many people till date.
In my own opinion, Hillary is an intellectual woman. Thus making her a good role model for the women. Her husband had countless affairs but she gave him support nonetheless and also sacrificed for her family. All these showed her magnanimity and nobleness that deserved to be the credited.

On the flip side of the coin, Hillary is perceived to be too weak in the eyes of contemporary women. This has deeply saddened Hillary to great extent. To everyone's surprise, Clinton stepped out to support Hillary in the U.S Elections. This seems to be the best way he is able to help Hillary out. Given U.S' economic condition, this has also shown the importance of unconditional support, love and tolerance. If U.S chooses to escape from reality and adopt unconventional strategy, it is also the time U.S faces a big crisis and befalls into her destiny in the 8th luck cycle.

Obama may represent the Democrats but more people will turn to support McCain, the White. If U.S insists on adopting aggressive inter-relations to maintain U.S' prosperity, U.S shall end up in a North-South war sooner or later like before.

According to life analysis of Obama, as he is born in the year of the Ox, 2008 is his lucky year. Followed by McCain, who is born in the year of Dog, experiences average luck. However, as Hillary is born in the year of Pig, luck is definitely not on her side this year.

For U.S' ups and down, we do not look at the mere right timing because being at the right place and meeting the right people are equally important. In Year 2010, year of Xin Mao, U.S will be experiencing a downfall until 2014, when a turning point could occur. Looking back history, both China and the USSR could not stop the workings of the flying stars, let alone U.S….

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