Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Way of Heaven and Earth

Lately, everyone is discussing about 'saving the Earth'. Especially ever since U.S former Vice President Gore released his 'save the environment' documentary, it has awaken many people's ideas on the dying planet, Earth.

In fact, the contributions of Geomancy have not changed from the ancient to contemporary times. For instance, sitting on hilltop facing the sea, harnessing wind energies, presence of water, these are all the fundamental conditions set forth for ideal Geomancy. Should there be any negative energy in the surrounding, it is an imperative to resolve this problem. Otherwise, residents may experience poor health in the long run and as a result, destroy the environmental projects. Residing in a conducive environment not only helps to cultivate the correct mindset, it helps to improve health and indirectly help people to contribute to the workings of saving the environment.

This time round, Way OnNet used the concluding paragraph in Chapter 81 of “Taoist Scriptures” during our 25th Anniversary. It says, “With all the sharpness of the Way of Heaven, it injures not; with all the doing in the way of the sage he does not strive.”

Earth is affected by both heaven's will and human activities. The Way of Heaven is in accordance to the stars. Thus sets forth the concept of the harmony of Yin and Tang such as the sun and the moon, the four seasons, and etc. These concepts provided thoughts, spirits and conducts with regard to the environment for the people. However, the Earth does not exist for itself, neither does it grows for its own. We need to seek approval to using the Earth. In return, the Earth will also contribute to you.

The most important factor is still humans. Human activities are the most destructive because people are blinded by the benefits they could reap. If people were to abide by a set of rules, learn to cooperate instead of competing, refrain from further destroying our environment, everyone can live harmoniously. Despite the fact that humans have a short lifespan on Earth, the amount of destruction done to the environment is massive. Water, air and space pollution, we all need to learn to give up some benefits in order to manage these issues. If we were to remain ignorant about such destruction and continue to harm the environment, it is a matter of time we face the disastrous consequences.

Humans are constantly in war with both heaven and earth, striking a life balance on Earth. As a result, some places may encounter fire hazards, droughts, flooding, typhoons or earthquakes, and etc. Like how China went through snowstorm, it was followed by a string of unfortunate events such as flooding and outbreak of epidemic diseases. All these are signs of how Earth is resenting. However, many lives were sacrificed along the way to make Earth's woes known.

Way OnNet promotes the spirits to save the earth by letting you understand your destiny and yourself. Take good care of yourself in order to contribute to saving the environment.

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