Saturday, March 1, 2008

Congratulations to Singapore on winning the bid to host 2010 Youth Olympics

It is to everyone's surprise for Singapore to triumph over Moscow to approbate the Olympic Torch to be passed on to South-east Asia, thus receiving the honour to host the 2010 Youth Olympics. Visitors from China, India, America, Europe, Australia and more make up the potential spenders in Singapore through vacation. Thailand, a country filled with romance; Malaysia, a place to seek excitement; Philippines, the alluring sight; India, a place that constantly progress; Vietnam, taking on changes of the world; Myanmar, the turbulent one and Singapore, the country filled with creativity caliber.

Apart from the mere robust economy and potential political capabilities, it is the immense enthusiasm Singaporeans internalized in them that sparked off novel ideas that have contributed to this victory. Putting all these qualities together, they made Singapore very impressive. In the eyes of everyone, Singapore is indeed small. However, we received multiple opportunities to hold large-scale conferences and did not fail to clock new record time and again. The remarkable achievements above revealed a far cry from normalcy. Magnificent events such as 2007's International Monetary Fund Conference conducted, 2008's Singapore Flyer and F1 Night-racing, 2009's grand opening of the Integrated Resort and 2010's Youth Olympics, have clearly value-added Singapore. It is no doubt that given Singapore's capabilities; we are certainly eligible to take on the challenge to host the next World Cup. However, due to the space constraint, we have to give this a miss.

Singapore may emphasize too little in areas of sports relatively but this did not stop our sportsmen from taking on challenges and picking up tips and strategies from Europe. In fact, we have even successfully brought in several foreign sports. Also, MediaCorp has also offered attractive incentive to attract various renowned directors from Hong Kong to produce our local serial dramas in the past. It is through measures like this; Singapore's production gradually gained international recognition that we ought to be proud of.

Levels of education among Singaporeans may have increased today. However, Singaporeans lack a sense of belonging too. Sprits are often fluctuating and Singaporeans are increasingly becoming obsessed with the desire of gain. Thus, all these led to Singaporeans becoming impractical as time goes by. Huge investments have been pumped into Singapore but its success is not remarkable. Being too diverse could be one culprit.

WayOnNet Group, hereby, would like to use our utmost sincerity to congratulate Singapore on winning the bid to host the 2010 Youth Olympics. On the other hand, be cautious of Year 2009 and 2010 for these two years reflected many changes that will be taking place in South-east Asia. Youth ought to take on more challenges ahead to embark the route to success.

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