Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Doctors Are Like Parents

Some people longed to get married all their life. However, due to the fact that some may destined to be ill fated, problems thus arise after marriage. Actually, problems can still surface before marriage similarly.

Friend finally found the man of her life. However, she is seven to eight years senior. Of course, the male's parents objected countless times. This couple approached me to help them select an auspicious date to carry out their marriage. I used ‘Fight fire with fire, magic must defeat magic' as an approach to seek a turning point for their marriage. The male's parents acquired some knowledge of fengshui and they are also aware of the know-how to choosing an auspicious date. After looking at the date that I chose, the parents demanded me to fill them in with more details pertaining to the reason I chose the date. Of course, it was very hard for me to reveal them the utter truth. Thus, I could only try my best to convince them to proceed with the date I chose. After marriage, friend contracted terminal disease. These days, there are no longer incurable diseases. However, friend refused to proceed with the operation she needed, fearing that there will be unsightly scars left behind.

I personally feel that since friend has already fulfilled her first wish, that is to get married, she should continue to have the will power to live so as to fulfill her second wish. Her second wish is none other than to procreate and to live to old age with her husband forever.

It is inevitable that people find it hard to accept such unexpected news. I find it hard to accept it too. I really hope that friend's family members will give her the moral support she needs and encourage her to receive treatment as soon as possible. Then, pick an auspicious date for her to proceed with the operation.

Many times, so long as the patient and doctor could complement each other well, chances of getting cured exist. Of course besides depending on the heaven's will, things be still under people's control. We should continue to shower her with love and care and persuade her to receive treatment.

Doctors are like parents. Many people started believing in fengshui and nowadays, my clients are of my children's age. I am similar to my clients' parents, I hope that they live good days ahead too!

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