Saturday, March 15, 2008

Seeing Guan Yin once again

Guan Yin is as if a mother figure which grants people whatever they ask for in my heart. In the eyes of the Chinese society, Guan Yin has always been widely embraced.

I have always loved Guan Yin since young, especially her merciful visage and pearly earlobes. I have once dreamt of Guan Yin before. Guan Yin Goddess asked me what do I hope for. I was still a mischievous young boy who merely requested Guan Yin Goddess to allow me to touch her ears. Surprisingly, Guan Yin acceded to my request. I sensed the roundness and smoothness of Guan Yin's earlobes. The feeling was so surreal despite it being a dream.

The General Manager warmly welcomed my business trip to SuZhou this time round. He brought us to the renowned temple, 'Chong Guang Monastery' at Teng Yang Lakeside. Inside the Earth palace, I saw a surreal Guan Yin statue. It is about seven to eight-storeys high. Upon hopping onto an elevator to the highest level, it closes the gap between Guan Yin's visage and myself. I could not help it but felt a sense of respect when I came into close contact with Guan Yin's mercifulness.

Having visited several Guan Yins' statues, the one at 'Chong Guang Monastery' was one of my favourites. My next favourite is located at Beijing's 'Hong Luo Monastery'. Although it was not as majestic as the previous, the figure remained vividly in my mind.

I visited temples, monasteries, churches and mosques. I admire the artistic structure of the buildings more than gaining a better understanding of the different religions. I respect all forms of religion and their thoughts and views. They are certainly worthy of our lifelong pursuit and worshipping.

Friends, do not discriminate other peopl's religion. God may be sitting quietly aside but they live in our hearts. We should not be badmouthing or criticizing any religion. Passing by any churches, temples, monasteries or mosques, I always take a deep bow as a form of respect. We should all learn to respect one another's religion.

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