Sunday, December 27, 2009

An Expedition to Egypt

My impression of Egypt has always been that of a faraway land but ever since my trip to India last year, I decided to visit the mysterious yet exotic Egypt to discover her secrets.

When I was young, I read about the mysterious pyramids, the ever-famous Suez Canal, the magnificent Sphinx and various alluring attractions. I look forward to visiting these places of interests and attractions, in particular, the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal is an amazing work of technology that connects Europe and Asia for water transportation and this brings the term “When East meets West” into mind.

At 6am in the morning, my wife and I finally arrived at Cairo. The traffic at Cairo is just as erratic as India’s; the only difference lies in the absence of cows wandering freely on the roads. Another similarity that I spot between Egypt and North India is that both destinations are founded on desert terrains.

Thereafter, we enjoyed a traditional Egyptian breakfast at a cafĂ© and tried the ‘Falafel’, also known as ‘Tamiya’, which is a delicious deep-fried snack made from beans. We were told by the tour leader that this is an authentic Egyptian meal but I find the taste very much similar to what I tasted in Indian restaurants in Singapore. Both Egypt and India are countries that are rich with spices. Thus, that probably explains the similarity in both cuisines when it boils down to color, smell and taste.

Many friends who had visited Egypt also urged me to discover the beauty of Egypt and to visit the mesmerising Mediterranean Sea, alluring Red Sea and mysterious Nile River. Despite these beautiful landscapes, I believe Egypt still has room for improvement.

Egypt contains age-old history yet, is a modern world in itself. Their ways of living is different and intriguing. At this point in travel, one certainly has a whole new experience. For those who are planning for an overseas tour, Egypt may be a brilliant choice for you!

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