Monday, July 6, 2009

The Legendary Life of Michael Jackson

I attended a seminar on June 25th, which was conducted by Professor Justin Lin Yifu, World Bank Chief Economist and Senior Vice President. He spoke on the topic, "Beyond Keynesianism: A Global Challenge for Development".

While he talked about the rise and decline of America and the rise of China, the king of pop, Michael Jackson, came to my mind. His rise, glory and decline are very similar to the history of America's modern development.

A country is akin to a person, as both will experience luck fluctuations. In glorious times, if you choose to be self-indulgent and extravagant with no plans for your future, you will ultimately be back to square one. When that happens, you will have to work even harder to recover your losses but it will depend on whether Heaven is willing to give you a chance to do so. This is the case for America, like it is for Michael Jackson.

After the seminar, I went home and collected some information, planning to write an article on America's financial tsunami and Michael Jackson. The very next day, I learnt of the sudden death of Michael Jackson and was deeply saddened by his departure. To commemorate this idol who accompanied me during my younger days, I changed all the music tracks in my car to Michael Jackson's so as to recall him.

Michael Jackson's artistic achievements are incomparable. Even his ex-father-in-law, Elvis Presley, was a far cry from him. He has a mysterious power hidden within and exhibits an amazing charisma, taking the whole world by surprise.

Although he has black heritage, his unique appeal on stage has gained him the utmost admiration of the whites. And even the Russian and Chinese Communists were impressed with him. While I was on holiday in Japan, I even visited his museum.

His life was never smooth-sailing. The bumpy childhood stimulated his strong fighting spirit, but it also cast a shadow over him. His unhappy marriage and improper behaviour added more sorrows to his life.

The plan to hold seventy concerts shows that he was trying to revive his glorious days. However, Heaven did not give him the chance to do so. Due to the great pressure brought about by the concerts, he lost his most important asset, his life.

The saying goes, "Where there is life, there is hope". You should cherish whatever you have now. Otherwise, it will be too late for regrets if you should die at a young age like Bruce Lee, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Hitler or Saddam Hussein.

From the analysis of Michael Jackson's Eight Characters, we know that he has strong Explicit Talent and Competitive Deity. Hence, he possesses extraordinary talents and is capable of changing history and creating miracles. But in face of a weak life, he will suffer from immense fear and worries when he returns to a peaceful life after a glorious period.

Strong Explicit Talent
According to the analysis, he is a talented but rebellious person. Hence, he has the guts to innovate and never follow the rules. His strong Explicit Talent is vividly exhibited by his artistic talents, song compositions, bold performances and unique dance steps. He overcame the tradition and changed the history. He also gained honour and riches. However, he was still unsatisfied with what he had, thus he tried to make a breakthrough to gather everybody's attention. Although he was well-respected on the career front, his private life aroused disputes, as he ignored the human moral values. This is the price that a wild celebrity has to pay.

Strong Competitive Deity
He has a weak life, but with Competitive Deity in the Year Pillar (represents ancestors), he is a typical example of someone who builds up his fortune from scratch. As the "Wealth Star encounters robbery", not only will he bring bad fortune upon his father, wife and sons, his vast wealth will also be affected. In actual fact, those with Competitive Deity are very determined, tough and able to persevere till the end in whatever they do. However, he ruined his family and himself. Only his friends and buddies were there to create miracles with him.

Weak Life
Besides having a weak life, he belongs to the destiny of Farm Soil and his Earthly Branch encounters a clash. All these imply that he is a perfectionist. His strong Explicit Talent and Competitive Deity are the reasons for his extraordinary life. However, he looked forward to a simple and ordinary life. To escape from the reality and suppress the fear within himself, he did extraordinary things such as the construction of Neverland, donations to charity and adoption of children. His reputation was also ruined by the two lawsuits. Although everything was settled in the end, he had undergone immense pressure.

His Explicit Talent encounters both robbery and clash, which will cause serious impact on his nervous system. His black genes made him felt inferior and he wanted to excel, thus his capability to create and reform was astonishing. However, he never obeyed his destiny or followed the rules, which caused his life and thoughts to be very different from the outside world. Due to the unresolved worries on his mind, changes occurred in his physiological functions. Eventually, he cannot differentiate whether he was a man or a woman, a black or a white, causing him to suffer from serious mental problems.

I did an analysis of the rise and decline of Africa in the past, which talked about the character of the black. Black is a mysterious and tolerant colour. The blacks have many sides, they are sympathetic, rebellious, creative and violent. They can also be great leaders and reformers. Once their talent is discovered and utilised, they will definitely become outstanding people. At present, blacks have exhibited their influence in politics, sports and music, with Obama Barack as America's first black president. Michael Jackson had sparked global music trends and many took delight in talking about his benevolence. Sadly, he treated everyone in the world with kindness but he did not know how to treat himself well.

I do not oppose the view that plastic surgery can help to change one's luck for the better. However, Michael Jackson's appearance had become worse with each attempt, thus his luck also became unfavourable

For a man, the most important parts on the face are the nose and chin, which represents wealth and luck in old age. The nose must be big and round, just like Jackie Chan. The chin must be square, so as to establish prestige and enjoy a worry-free old age. But after several plastic surgeries, Michael’s wealthy nose changed to an upturned nose, which is most undesirable for a man. An upturned nose with big nostrils symbolises the leakage of wealth. A pointed chin means he will have a bad life with no one to rely on when he is old.

Hence, we can see that plastic surgery can enhance beauty and confidence if it is done well. Otherwise, one will lose confidence with a failed surgery.

Michael Jackson died at the most prosperous moment in his life. If the seventy concerts were held successfully, it will definitely be an unprecedented record. But Heaven seems reluctant to let this occur. Actually, a life analysis has its pros and cons. The good thing is that you will complete your life journey accordingly and the bad point is that you will have worries in whatever you do. Michael only had a few cycles of bad luck in his life. At the age of 3, he was in favourable luck and everything proceeded smoothly. A turning point started to appear when he was 18 and his most glorious period was age 23 to 33. He encountered some unhappy events at age 33 to 38. Thereafter, he experienced good luck till he reached 43. Numerous obstacles occurred during the period of age 43-48, which caused him to suffer the greatest setback in life and his wealth is almost depleted.

He tried to stage a comeback after the age of 48, but fortunately, he died suddenly at the age 50. If not for his over-reliance on medicine to reduce pressure, he might become the centre of attraction again and clear all his debts. Hence, while he was alive, there are some speculations that his passing on will bring him more riches and fame. In my opinion, he should be able to live till 68 if he leads a stable and peaceful life.

Well, the deaths of many famous artistes were all caused by pressure. You should be yourself and live for yourself! To care for others, you must first take care of yourself.

I have done the life analysis for many celebrities, but this time round, it is done with immense sorrows. Be it a great talent or an outstanding country, they will surely end up in a mess without an integrated plan.

America has created countless miracles but it ended up in such a tragic situation. I hope Heaven will bless America and may the country be able to create another Michael Jackson!

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