Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today is the third day of our tour in Egypt. The weather is glorious with bright sunshine but there is a slight chill in the air.

In the morning, we visited a mosque, which was built on a hill in the Islamic district of Cairo. This mosque was built in the Middle Age and its exterior looks majestic. The interior design looks as luxurious with the support of four pillars and a semi-circular roof, giving the air of the sacred and solemnity. The entrance of the Mosque faces northwest and there is a carving of sunrays on the door. This symbolizes prosperity and rebirth.

After our visit to the Mosque, we proceed to the archaeological museum and according to our tour guide; this is one of the must-see places in Egypt. This archaeological museum contains the collection of the main legacy of the Pharaohs and truly presents the essence of the Egyptian tombs. Security is very stringent and we can see guards on duty in every corner. Our guide explained in detail the history of Egypt but I was more interested in the Pharaohs burial items, the mummies, gold masks and the queen’s jewelries. In the end, I was disappointed as we were only left with thirty minutes to explore on our own. Even though there were some frictions with our guide during the tour, I understand later that he was just maintaining the professionalism of his job.

In the evening, we came to an old bazaar and I requested the guide to give us two hours to explore. To me, regardless of visiting a site of attractions or shopping mall or bazaar, it is all about experiencing.

After all, the popularity and consumption patterns of a country can be observed from such shopping areas. In this bazaar, there are all kinds of famous spices, handicrafts, traditional and modern apparels and accessories etc. I took many lifestyle shots and hope that I can share with everybody.

At night, we boarded a river cruise berthed at the Nile River. It was a great experience to have our dinner onboard as the scenery was mesmerizing and the food was good, thus, improving my mood for the day.

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