Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Between Cairo and the Nile River, there is an ancient yet modern city named Aswan. In the olden days, it used to be a trading area and this practice has continued to current days. Aswan is still an important trading center for Egypt and other African countries. It is one and half-hours away from Cairo by flight but if one were to take the train, it would take more than ten hours. On this day, we woke up early to catch our flight at 6am.

We reached Aswan around 8am and our guide brought us to visit the Aswan High Dam. A major project that took eleven years to complete, this large dam accounts for 80% of the electricity consumption in Egypt. One cannot help but to agree that the Nile River has its modern days’ talents as well. After this, we visited the ancient red granite quarry whereby we learned of how the quarry operates in the past and I was deeply touched by the hard work and difficulties that the quarry workers faced. On a different note, I was pleasantly surprised to come across three books relating to Egypt in Chinese language in a small shop nearby and I happily purchased them.

Next, we enjoyed lunch onboard a cruise ship. Hundred of ships that vary in different sizes are berthed here. Amenities onboard each ship contains hundreds of cabins, a restaurant and café. There are even swimming pools onboard some of the larger cruises and it resembles a floating five stars hotel! We will be staying onboard the cruise for three days and that includes a New Year countdown party to welcome 2010.

To be honest, I was most looking forward to this part of the trip but I was greatly disappointed once we went onboard. The cabin assigned to us was near the engine room and I am sure that the engine sounds will keep me awake at night. Thus, we insistently requested for the person-in-charge to change a cabin for us. Upon several requests, we finally got our wishes and were assigned to a lower level cabin, near to the employees’ resting room. There was no beautiful scenery here but it was very quiet.

Late afternoon, we drifted along the Nile River in a small boat for 40 minutes and it was a pleasant experience, as we get up close and personal with the seagulls. Upon returning to the cruise, I sat on the deck to start blogging while taking pictures of soaring seagulls and the beautiful sunset!

Sailing along the serene Nile River with its beautiful scenery, I indulged in a beautiful night.

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