Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beijing's Identity Crisis – Dragon, or Phoenix?

I once hosted a three-day China Traditional Feng Shui Symposium at Peking University in 1994. Back then, I said that Beijing is the Land of the Phoenix, not the Dragon, and received a tremendous amount of feedback. Many were dubious and felt that China is obviously a Dragon, and Beijing the Dragon's pearl, so how could it be a land of the Phoenix?

I responded to them by explaining that when the phoenix returns to its nest, Beijing would see the appearance of the phoenix nest and eggs. Now, the phoenix has returned, and on the spot of the authentic phoenix, an egg-shaped Beijing National Grand Theatre has been built. The bird-nest look-alike Olympic Stadium coincides with the bird nest.

Beijing has all along possessed a bird nest and eggs. We can take a look at Ri Tan and Yue Tan, but it is not obvious. Olympics is the national business of China, much less Beijing. The return of the Phoenix should spell prosperity for China and Beijing for at least one or two hundred years!

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