Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Land of the Phoenix Explained

Beijing was previously named Swallow capital and designated as the capital city of the Yuan Dynasty. From this we can predict that there was pre-knowledge of Beijing being a bird-shaped land. Zhu Yuanzhang went on to establish the Ming Dynasty (element fire). With the Southern Rosefinch also belonging to the fire element, the combination brought the demise of the metal element Yuan Dynasty. The metal element Yuan Dynasty replaced the wood element Song Dynasty. The latecomer water element Qing Dynasty doused the flames of the Ming Dynasty. These are the laws of geomancy and not coincidence.

In geomancy, there is the saying of "Left Green Dragon, Right White Tiger, North Black Tortoise and South Rosefinch". Zhu Yuanzhang found an auspicious location where "a hundred birds pay homage to the phoenix". However, the spot lay in the center of a lake and required land reclaimation, which meant a shaky foundation for the palace. He then ordered his imperial advisor Liu Bowen to locate the geomancy treasure land of the phoenix. The final location was determined to be Yan Mountain or Yanjing. The imperial mausoleum was designated on the northwestern Qian Palace's Tian Shou Mountain (first half of Phoenix land, as such a land of Yang energy), and Beijing the second half (land of Yin energy). Liu Bowen discovered that the Ziwei Constellation was positioned directly above in the skies of Beijing and correspondingly designed the Forbidden City, in order to have successor dynasties enjoy the blessings of the Phoenix land and Ziwei Star for eternity.

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