Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zi Wei Discovery Tour

This is the first Ziwei Discovery Tour Way has organized, with a total headcount of 74 tour members. Among them are mother and child, in-laws, couples and singles. The most senior stood at age 70 plus, the youngest precocious toddlers less than one year of age. At first I was concerned that there would be mayhem, but unexpectedly, there was absolute silence throughout the journey except their occasional bubbly laughter, which lightened up the entire journey. They nearly grabbed the spotlight from me! Just joking. Perhaps I may attend their wedding dinners twenty years later at a ripe 70 plus years of age, provided I have not reported for 'duty', hehe.

We arranged a special geomancy seminar to educate everyone on the geomancy layout of the city of Beijing. First we looked at the burial sites of the first 13 emperors of the Ming Dynasty - The Thirteen Mausoleums, at their lives, their imperial halls of office – the Forbidden City, their playgrounds – Summer Palace, and finally their 'mountains of support' – the white towers of Beihai Garden and Jingshan Garden. Most importantly, we visited Yonghe Palace, famous temples like Baiyun Guan etc, Tian Tan (site of worship for the emperors) and the Great Wall of China.

Nevertheless, it was the Yaxiu and Yuexiu markets that left the deepest impression on us - everyone loved the toasted sesame seed cakes there.

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