Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year Gathering

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI)'s Lunar New Year Gathering is held annually on the 1st of the first lunar month, and is a good day for the coming together of many Singapore Chinese and the representatives and members of all the nations. Many long-retired leaders of SCCCI will also return to celebrate and meet up with old friends.

Lunar New Year falls around the same time as the time that the Singapore Government will announce its fiscal budget, and many ministers and VIPs will be present to elaborate on the government's new policies. SCCCI also takes the opportunity to reflect the member's concerns to the government. Of course, the policies and concerns vary accordingly to the nature of the times!

My observation: when times are good, the famous seldom appear and VIPs flood the gates, as the famous have to go around visiting their friends for the LNY; during the bad times, the opposite occurs as they switch roles. The VIPs have to go around visiting their friends to look for more business opportunities.

SCCCI is the traditional gathering ground for many matured businessman who are mainly Chinese. I am sure other similar institutions will definitely have their niche. SCCCI leaders and VIPs will exchange name cards and new SCCCI leaders will proffer their name cards to the VIPs to garner more support.

After all, the way of doing business depends on whom you know, and, most importantly, who knows you! The more people who know you, the more opportunities you have; the more people you know, the bigger the opportunities that present themselves to you.

When business is good, bear in mind not to offend everyone or when business suffers, the whole world will be out to get you!

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