Sunday, February 24, 2008

Times Have Changed

It has been quite some time I last visited Bintan Island. I made a business trip to Bintan in the 90s for its industrial piece of land and also the resort. The stay back then was not long. I have been travelling to and fro to Bintan very often and the feeling is still good.

This time round, coupled with the entire company members, we went Bintan Island for a short company trip. The strategic meeting was also held there to discuss, fine-tune the directions and set the goals of our Internet website to focus.

As it was holiday season, the morning boat tickets were all sold out. Thus, we had to take the afternoon speedy boat ride to Bintan Island.

Upon reaching the island, we arranged to first visit Bintan's orchard. It cost $45 per person and we spent about two to three hours looking at the fishpond and its orchard that were beyond our imagination. After that, we went to the beaches to take some photos and saviour coconut juices.

After sunset, we went to one of the tourist attractions by the name of 'Pasar Oleh Oleh'. There are restaurants, massage parlour, handicrafts stalls, eateries, and etc. On the other side, there is also an exquisite restaurant cum a few artistic handicrafts and apparels boutique. We took up a $68 package that comprised an hour-long massage and western-styled dinner. Compared to the trip to the Orchard, this definitely seemed more worthwhile.

By the time we all lodged into hotel, it was already 11 plus Singapore time. I have always thought I was familiar with Bintan's surrounding till I realized that the place has been revamped. Compared to last time I visited for work, it looks completely different now.

We arranged to stay at a suite that came with a garden. We were able to do morning exercises, practise Tai Chi and watch Phoenix Television. They definitely provided me a very homely feeling!

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