Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Look at the Effects of a Harsh or Cosy Winter from China's Blizzards

In 2007, the Second Black Illness Star aligned itself with China, which prophesied serious epidemics worldwide. China was fortunate to avoid suffering the full impact, with only the appearance of minor bird flu cases. This does not mean that there are no viruses - they may be lying in wait for an opportunity.

If 2007's year-end had been a cosy winter, then 2008 would have been an excellent virus-breeding environment due to the warm weather and give rise to large scale epidemics.
The blizzards in the beginning of 2008 could possibly have eliminated all the viruses in the ground and thus the threat of epidemic, but the entrance of the White Water Star may bring unexpected floods that wash the viruses deep underground.

As there are always epidemic outbreaks after floods, plus the fact that the annual average global temperature for 2008 may rise again, the viruses are granted beneficial conditions to spread rapidly.

In 2009 we meet the Nine Purple Star, boding a year of flames and dry earth. It is also China's Grand Duke of Jupiter (Tai Sui) year. There are droughts throughout the year and the Five Yellow star in the North brings more weather change - all these combine into a hot and windy weather. Crop harvests are bountiful but the weather will affect everyone's emotions. Some illnesses like fevers may descend without notice.

In 2007 there was an abundance of water and people were easily agitated; in 2008 water and heat are plentiful and people become excitable; in 2009 fire is in over-supply and people become unusually quick-tempered, leading to wars and riots etc.

Many friends say that an almanac can accompany you to old age, but it is not always easy to decipher all the messages that the almanac is trying to convey.

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