Monday, December 31, 2007

It could have been more beautiful

The driver said that it was a waste that we could not go to Taj Mahal last night, so we set off early in the morning to redress the regret.
We reached Taj Mahal at 7am. As it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, all vehicles had to be parked a distance from it. From afar it looked deserted, but when we reached the entrance, there was a long queue and we had to go through security checks like we were boarding a plane. What a nuisance!

Taj Mahal's structure is very simple. It is totally made of white marble. We took pictures of it from many different angles. The rising sun was beautiful, but we could see the moon who was reluctant to return home. A fine veil-like mist suddenly descended upon us, making the place look like heaven on earth!

Taj Mahal is located in the north and faces south. Its main entrance faces south and is graced by a large corridor-like fountain, reflecting the beautiful contour of the building. To the back was a beautiful river; it looked that it needed more water level though. There were two buildings on the left and right sides of the mausoleum. Capturing the view from the archway, the magnificent Taj Mahal seemed to fit into a frame. It was a totally new perspective! We left reluctantly after lingering for around one and a half hours.

It takes around five hours to travel from Agra to Delhi. The journey was fine, but once we reached the city, it was such a mess it made me feel frustrated. We headed for the Parliament House and Presidential Palace afterwards. The former is at a North-facing-South or South-facing-North position, while the latter is located in the West and facing East. It seems that the Parliament House is superior in feng shui to that of the Presidential Palace. India's government seems to have a bright future!

India Gate of the Red Fort faces the Presidential Palace. It was built in order to commemorate the 90 thousand Indian soldiers who perished in the Second World War. We took photos of it from afar for memory's sake. Later on, the car passed through the embassy zone, which was so clean that it looked more like China's embassy zone than India.

We bought some value-for-money momentos from the local districts before boarding the plane. I also bought some cashew nuts and Indian records.

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