Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Australia Free and Easy Trip

This time, I took free and easy trip with my son, wife and daughter. Out first stop was the romantic harbour city - Melbourne. We stayed at Melbourne's only casino – the Melbourne Crown Casino.

When the casino inaugurated in 1997, I was honored to be invited to the opening ceremony. It was a momentous occasion that is difficult to describe. It stood high above the world, hyped as the crown jewel of all the casinos in Asia. The casino's performance stabilised only after experiencing the Asian economic crisis. Back then, there was a highway that crossed over the middle of the casino which affected its fortunes. The year of the inauguration ceremony and the direction which the casino faced both bode misfortune, causing the business to suffer losses. Later on, the addition of new shareholders and the pointers of a wise one managed to avert the misfortune. In place was a prosperous trend that carries on even today.

Crown casino is segregated into a few main areas, one being an oval-shaped hotel that has a main entrance facing the northeast. In the northwest was the casino. The design of the casino was very luxurious. The interior was separated into a few main halls to enhance the gambler's experience. What is most mentionable is the breath-taking laser musical fountain at the entrance of the casino.

Its been ten years since. Although the interior design has aged a little, the casino remains imperious. Should you have a chance to visit Melbourne and dabble a little in gambling, do remember to adorn yourself with auspicious emblems to aid the reaping of small fortunes.

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