Friday, September 7, 2007

Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a place where many tourists gather to enjoy sun, sand and the sea. I have been here numerous times, but each time it gives me a different feeling.

Gold Coast has three distinct characteristics: one, the beautiful coastline that can rival America's Hawaii; two, the uncountable shopping malls filled with a dazzling array of merchandise at affordable prices; three, a food haven where you can find cuisine from all nationalities. It is only found wanting in Chinese restaurants.

Other than this, there are many hotels here. Even the world-famous Versace designed a hotel here, with suites costing thousands to ten thousands per night. One can enjoy the splendor and extravagance of staying in such designer suites.

The hotel is built on the bay, with its halls decorated luxuriously. There is a café decked in Versace finery, from its cutlery down to its napkins. Outside the café is a swimming pool where a single waterway connects with the sea, surrounded by suites and villas, creating a pompous image.

Besides having gyms, spas and salons, the hotel also boasts of a fine gift house, which displays many of Versace's products. Versace wishes to open another ten of such hotels throughout the world, so that everyone can feel Versace's unique charm.

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