Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fengshui of the Royal Family Series 1 (Phoenix returns to its nest)

The main aim of this Fengshui Tour is to explore the design and layout of the fengshui of the royal family.

Ri (日) and yue (月) [these two words formed ming (明)] are of the "Fire" element. The family name of the emperors in the Ming Dynasty was zhu (朱), which is also "Fire". Thus, the royal family kept searching for a land of "Fire" to enhance the fengshui of the empire, in hope of an everlasting Ming Dynasty. If we look at the replacements of the past dynasties, the Song Dynasty ("Wood") was taken over by the Yuan Dynasty ("Metal") and the latter was replaced by the Ming Dynasty ("Fire"). Being the "Wood" element, Song Dynasty can create "Fire". During the Ming Dynasty, the capital was actually Kaifeng ("Land of Swallows in Forest"). But, floods were too frequent and the energy of "Water" was too intense in Kaifeng. This caused Ming Taizu to be worried about his empire, so he sent the advisor, Liu Bowen, to search for a dry land with "Fire". In addition, the land must be of strategic importance with excellent fengshui and able to let the throne be passed down for generations. At last, Liu Bowen found the "Phoenix Land" in Beijing. However, the third emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhudi, was still worried. Thus, he started on the long journey to implement the project of "Returning Dragon Protects the Master", so as to further stabilise his throne.

"In the skies, it is a phenomenon. On the ground, it takes shape". This is the emphasis in the study of fengshui. Thus, the founder, Liu Bowen, planned the design and layout of Beijing according to the Zi Wei Enclosure in the skies. Traces of this plan can still be seen at the Palace Museum and some other ancient buildings now. The Ming Mausoleum is located at Tianshou Mountain, which is the area of Dragon pulse in the Northwest of Beijing. The fengshui layout of this area is unique on earth, but it was destructed by the Qing Dynasty ("Water").
In 1994, I had done an analysis of Beijing’s fengshui formation at the Peking University. At that time, most scholars thought that Beijing was a "Dragon Land". I was the only one who opposed this view and insisted that it was a "Phoenix Land", this is because my ancestors had participated in the design project of Beijing. I said with certainty that, if a bird nest, a bird egg and a bird bowl appear in Beijing, it will prove that it is a "Phoenix Land". Indeed, Beijing now possesses Bird Nest (Beijing National Stadium), Bird Bowl (The Water Cube) and Bird Egg (Beijing’s National Centre for the Performing Arts). Later, Bird Head (Olympic Torch Tower) and Bird Feet (new CCTV building) are also added, creating a fengshui formation of "Phoenix returns to its nest". When the "Phoenix" arrives in Beijing, it is the time when the city will be well-known to the whole world. The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games certainly impressed everybody.
Look out for the next issue - Wudang Mountain and Wuduo Mountain.

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