Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fengshui of the Royal Family Series 2 (Returning Dragon Protects the Master)

In 1997, Hong Kong was returned to Mainland China. China wants Hong Kong's development to reach another climax, thus the country came up with a feng shui plan, "Returning Dragon Protects the Master", together with Hong Kong's authorities. In this plan, a convention and exhibition centre that resembles a big tortoise (although the designer explained that it was "a flying seagull") was built on Hong Kong's "Lion Fire Land". This building served as the site of the Hong Kong handover ceremony. China hopes that the two countries will look after each other. However, the Hongkongers who are used to the democratic lifestyle appears to be very worried about China's communism.

Other than that, a Tian Tan Buddha was built on the "Lotus Land" of Lantau Island. The Buddha faces North, but his hand faces Northeast, which is the direction where Hong Kong and Taiwan are located. Ever since the Buddha was sanctified, Taiwan has been attacked by typhoons rapidly and this has caused discontent among the people. No one knows whether this is the will of Heaven or a coincidence. In my opinion, to ensure peace in Taiwan and for the country to submit willingly, it is best to construct a Bu Dai (bag made of cloth) Monk. The bag he carries bears double meaning, one is to gather the power emitted from the Buddha's hands, the other is to make the country submit willingly.

The above mentioned is the modern version of "Returning Dragon Protects the Master". Government officials are advised to visit Hong Kong frequently and they are likely to get promoted when their heart is inclined towards their motherland.

It is said that Ming Chengzu (Zhudi) wanted to strengthen the royal family, thus he sent the official in charge of astronomical phenomena to the South to search for a land with excellent feng shui-it must possess Dragon, Fire, Tortoise and a Dragon that will return to protect its Master. At last, the official found Wudang Mountain and Wuduo Mountain. Wuduo Mountain is a "Phoenix Land", which looks like a standing Phoenix topographically. Some feng shui masters call it the "Five Dragons Land", but my beloved teacher, Reverend Min Zhi Ting, had inspected the feng shui of the grave sites several times and concluded that it was a "Phoenix Land". There is a saying that goes, "Wudang in the South and Wuduo in the North". However, Wuduo Mountain is not open to public access, thus few know about it. In fact, Wuduo is truly the land with excellent royal feng shui. Many famous priests in Wudang, such as Sun Si Miao, Chen Chuan and Zhang San Feng, had trained there before. The land was later classed as a prohibited land of the royal family, thus few know about it.

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