Monday, September 15, 2008

The Story of Advertising

In Taiwan, there is this professional in the field of advertising called Li Xin Pin who was born in the 1970s. She majored in Advertising and graduated from the National Chengchi University (Taiwan). Currently, she is studying for her PhD at the Peking University. In addition, she is also the lecturer for "Advertising-Planning and Creativity" at the School of Journalism and Communication, Peking University. Apparently, she is a beauty from the photographs I have seen. I came across her works about ten years ago, which are aggressive and full of expectations.
Her latest work, "Fei Xie Bu Ke, Bu Xie Hui Si"《非写不可,不写会死》, is a standard textbook. There is a famous saying in the preface written by her, "Knowledge can be reproduced, but not intelligence", which makes one ponder. As compared to her previous book, "Tui Fan Li Xin Pin De Chuang Yi Xue"《推翻李欣频的创意学》, it is just like she has come up to the shore from the vast ocean. On the cover of this book, the following is written, "Creativity-Create-New Creation". In the future, whether she will enter the dead alley in life and overcome the obstacles or grow old in the dead alley, it all depends on what she sees and hears. What worries is she might still be doing well at the age of 30; but fears might arise at 40, time will be wasted at 50 and she will not be so energetic at 60.

I prefer her early works, such as "Ai Yu Xiu Dao Yuan"《爱欲修道院》, exchanging love letters with the lover you cannot be with, sets one sighing; "Bu An Yu Shi"《不安于室》seems to be a memorandum of the peaceful and prosperous times, blending in characteristics of some countries in Europe and Asia, it produces a sensual journey enriched with colours, smell and taste. At the ending of another book, "Qing Yu Liao Li, Ai Qing Chu Fang"《情欲料理,爱情厨房》, it introduces this book of hers, "Shi Wu Lian"《食物恋》- "I use my dreams and excess emotions to re-create a food chain. This is a book full of seductions and is also a book of betrayal. It seduces your sense and betrays your food recipe." "Guang Gao Fu Zuo Yong"《广告副作用》and "Wei Ni Si De Hua Li Xing Gan Dai"《威尼斯的华丽性感带》captured my heart as well. Li Xin Pin is sensitive to the surrounding environment, people, things and events, which makes her able to interpret the romantic side of advertisements in a perceptual and rational way.

Due to my own interest, I collected over ten books written by her. Thus, I always tell my friends if I did not go into the field of fengshui, I would definitely enter the advertising industry. This is because I am a perceptual and rational person.

The more the old man looks at the writings of this little girl, the more exciting it gets. But as this little girl grows older, the old man gets older as well. The journey of the heart for everyone is outstanding in his or her own way, but they are actually on the same track.

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