Friday, April 4, 2008

The Surgeon Who Acts By The Book

Recently, I came across frightening news. A client of mine is suffering from very unfavourable fengshui back home. After residing for a few years, his wife contracted serious illness. Thus, client decided to invite a geomancy amateur to assist him in his residence's fengshui.

After the amateur went to client's place, the situation failed to improve. In fact, it got worse and client's wife was once again admitted to hospital. Then, client got me to help him. After inspection, I realized that there are a lot of problems with the setting back home. First thing first, fengshui requires us to understand the environment then inspect the interior setting according to the owner's Ba Zi.

My client has told me his situation before hand but I will still analyze all possible reasons that led to his suffering before I decide what to do. Deciding on measures to solve problems according to the specific circumstances is the key issue here. Analyzing life destiny will only tell us why certain things happen and where did it go wrong. However, if we were to adjust the setting back home, it is just like a surgeon operating on a patient. The surgeon needs to be highly experienced or the operation will be a failure.

When I got to my client's residence, I witnessed that its fengshui is really bad. Its main door is met with 'Tian Kan Sha' (coupled with 'Shuang Tian Sha'). I could feel the impending force just by standing in front of the main door. At the back of the house sits the MRT track and roads. According to fengshui, this is also what we called,'shuang lian dao sha'. Given such circumstance, it is an imperative to dispel the impending evil forces before adjusting the interior setting.

The residence sits at east and faces west. This is an inauspicious direction in fortune 8. The house is dimly lighted and possesses strong negative spirits. Mirrors are necessary to provide light and receive positive energies. However, the geomancy amateur removed them all. Fengshui teaches, ‘It is not scary to face evil forces and we can't escape these negative forces'. We could be facing evil forces initially but not anymore when changes are implemented.

Blamed it on the amount of experience because this fengshui logic has not changed over the years. The amateur has committed all of the mistakes my fellow experienced colleagues feared the most. This is exactly what I mean by 'surgeon operating by the book'. Isn't it scary?

No one is born to be scared of tigers. The new generation of geomancers should develop strong foundations. Acquiring fengshui knowledge of a mere one a half years is simply not enough! I would think that a geomancer has to study for at least three years. Thus, if you come across lessons that claimed that you would be able to acquire fengshui after going through a few classes, please do not believe them easily.

Analyzing fengshui is similar to being a doctor. One has to have ethics to prevent undesirable aftermath.

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