Monday, December 3, 2007

Time and Tide waits for no Man

When the economy is ailing, many enterprises fight for their clients in all sorts of manner for survival. Once the situation reverses, all the special treatment vanishes and prices rocket. This is all because of the belief that if one doesn't reap all they can in the good times, the bad times will overtake them. As such, everything inflates in pricing but service quality drops into a bottomless pit.

SIA's prices have always been affordable. If you are a member of PPS, they will even make you feel like a king. Should you buy an economy-class ticket, they will upgrade you to business-class; if you have a business-class seat, they will upgrade you to the first-class, giving you the royal treatment every step of the way. However, once the situation improves, fair treatment ensues, although there will still be some specials, but it is pretty unlikely that a business-class flyer will be upgraded to first-class. Forget it, we can still be kings when there is an economical downturn!
I am pretty used to such changes, especially so when one has seen it and done it all. Of course, there is still some unhappiness!

Way's geomancy service pricing has not been adjusted in a decade. Its final adjustment was in 1996. Back then the economy was roaring and many could accept the pricing, but when the situation flopped later on, Way maintained its original pricing and raised its service standards, acquiring ISO 9001:2000 and upgrading its software to generate bilingual reports for clients.
Now that the economy has turned around, not only do we not intend to revise the prices, instead we are going to invest on IT infrastructure to serve our customers better. Next economic downturn, we will persist in not using pricing as bait. Way's clients have moved into the second generation and we await the rise of the third. I sincerely believe that we should not use the health of the economy as a pricing or service guide.

Your investment is your service, your capital is your future clientele. It is best not to sacrifice the benefit of the clients for small gains.

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