Thursday, November 15, 2007

All Prayers will be Heeded

What most excites me about traveling in China is its animated scenery. Every mountain, stream and flora have their magical tales, every stone, brick and building has its legends. This bears witness to the metamorphism of China's cultural beliefs for thousands of years, but are there believers? Yes, there will be. Look at the Stone of Destiny, the Son-bearing Matrimony Tree, Buddha Mountain, wishing wells etc., Many hope to benefit from them.

Wishes must be returned in kind, but tourists are often in a mad scramble; if it works, it works, if not, never mind, they say. Maybe they will recall the incident many years later when they revisit and finally show their appreciation. Currently, many tourist attractions do not allow burning of incense and other worship, so what should one do? For the sincere, they can always show their appreciation at a nearby temple or in their hearts.

Sometimes we promise our seniors to perform the appreciation rites but forget it, but the seniors don't. For that, all promises to the seniors should be carried out to avoid disappointing them. Friends, remember that a "sincere heart brings everything to reality", everything is predestined. You better wish upon yourself!

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