Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Singapore 新加坡•玄


My first solo art exhibition in Beijing is nearing, to be exact 29 Mar 2014 (Saturday). There are plenty of works getting now. We are currently busy with marketing activities and preparation for this exhibition. One noteworthy task is doing a “coffee table book” for this exhibition. All the paintings exhibited in Beijing will be featured in this book. One can enjoy my paintings with a nice cuppa … and that is life (in Singapore maybe)!

No prize for guessing below painting right …   J This painting comes in a series of 4 (titled Mysticism). I am sharing Singapore in this blog. Hope you like it.

多少只眼睛        窥探多少次的变化
如鱼涌来的感动         随红潮来去



Artist’s Commentary: Singapore is an island nation that has always been intertwined with migration. Each generation attracts migrants of different backgrounds. Although their contributions are undeniable, problems and burdens were also imposed upon the nation. 
Additional Note(s): The colour blue in the artwork reflects the sea that stirs up waves of red tide, drawing near a path paved with gold. With the brilliant colours spattered at the end of the golden path, the artist questions underlying influences of this unique island nation.

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