Sunday, March 16, 2014

Inception 初开

(77cm X 77cm)

Let’s get back to our BEGINNING – our start to life and creation/heaven and earth/black and white. It’s good to ponder for a while …. Do share your thoughts and comments in my Facebook page

混沌初开     天地分离
万物生长     生生不息
Artist’s Commentary: There is no limit to the imagination. Through meditation, one can acquire extended thoughts and transcend boundaries. Such form of deep contemplation accompanies the mutually opposing and attracting forces that denote the mystifying Yin & Yang.  
Additional Note(s): Applying effective ink splatter technique, the artist uses three natural colours – black, white and yellow, to depict a surreal scenario whereby Heaven and Earth lies separated. Aimed to stimulate one’s imagination and creativity, this magnificent artwork shall draw you into an unconstraint state and allow you to transcend boundaries.

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