Sunday, February 23, 2014

My First Solo Art Exhibition

Since young, I have been fascinated by art expressions and my passion for art grew through the years. I started collecting art pieces and visit several famous museums and galleries around the world. Besides appreciating art, I also like to express my thoughts through art like poems and paintings. To date, I had published two books that comprise my poetry collections.

Painting passion started to grow tremendously in this new decade. The energy derived from the vibrant colours keeps me going for more. “A picture paints a thousand words”. I totally agree with this saying. First, it is a white spotless canvas. Then it gets transformed into an expressional picture that can tell stories, reaching out to people of all ages and languages.
Few months ago, I received an invitation from Parkview Group to hold a painting exhibition at the prestigious Parkview Green Art 798 in Beijing, China. I happily accepted the invitation and painted more for this event.

My first solo art exhibition will be held at Parkview Green Art 798 in Beijing, China from 29 Mar 2014 (Saturday) to 13 Apr 2014 (Sunday). This exhibition will showcase my artistic expressions, mainly in the form of paintings and some ornamental designs.

Coming up, I shall share more details about my first solo painting exhibition!

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