Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I-Ching with Arts

In all my artistic expressions, there are elements of Feng Shui. Some can be easily perceived and some can be rather subtle. Hence we decided to name this exhibition “I-CHING WITH ARTS”. I-CHING being the main foundation for Feng Shui and ARTS being art.

Paintings and ornamental designs are further sub-classified into Taiji, Yin-Yang, Five Elements, Flying Stars and I-Ching. This will facilitate the flow of the exhibition. For Feng Shui believers, the sub-classification can help to reinforce the meaning behind the paintings. For non-Feng Shui believers, the sub-classification can be simply treated as sub-categories/sub-groups to guide them through.
Here’s one of my paintings and some explanatory notes.

The divination conducted for the Year of the Horse revealed the Gen hexagram, which is also known as the Mountain hexagram. Represented by double stacks of mountain, this year calls for a sense of calmness. Viewing the mountains from different angles denotes different perspectives and outcomes. The key to overcoming obstacles is to maintain a happy outlook. In 2014, the market situation remains unstable with fluctuations, as well as natural and human disasters. The hot climate will also give way easily to quick temper. One is advised to keep calm and tread cautiously. Doing so shall ensure a year of good progress. 

Using art as a medium to make forecast is uncommon. In this artwork, the colour blue symbolises the clouds while the black represents the mountains. The mountains, presented one above another, resemble the double stacking mountains in the Gen hexagram. In addition to using the drumming technique to spray black and blue paint to the side, the artist also adopted the Taiji “flick” technique to expel the white, re-enacting a different environment that portrays new hope and joy.

For those who are interested in my paintings or the exhibition, please contact Way OnNet Group for more details. For everyone else, please stay tuned for further updates and sharing. Thank you!

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