Monday, October 18, 2010

Bask in Zi Wei Star · Visit the God of Wealth · Explore Shanghai World Expo

The Feng Shui Discovery Tour has been held for four years running. Every year, I lead a group of like-minded enthusiasts to experience how the royalty incorporates feng shui into their life and politics etc. Even the royalty members need to rely on feng shui to secure their status, needless to say, commoners like us would need to do so too.

In our recent trip, we travelled to Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangnan. Jiangnan can be considered a strategic land between the Ming and Qing Dynasty. During the Ming Dynasty, the Imperial Court sent forces to Jiangnan on several occasions. There were several reasons for these expeditions, namely: 1) struggles over the reign of Emperor, 2) the Dragon's vein which denotes prosperous land and 3) foundation to increase the influential powers of the royalty. As for the Qing Dynasty, forces were sent to Jiangnan to look for the land with superior geomantic qualities, whereby the Seven Stars landed.

The destiny of the forefather from Qing Dynasty was influenced by the Seven Stars. It was essential to discover the land whereby the Seven Stars landed, in order to ensure prosperity for the future generations. Unfortunately, the troops did not go to Shanghai and returned empty handed instead. Thus, Shanghai was developed into a goldmine for the mass during the Ming Dynasty.

The main purpose of this feng shui tour to Jiangnan is to visit the Gods of Wealth, Shen Wan San and Tao Zhugong. I noticed that many people who seek or pray to the Gods of Wealth often hope to be blessed with wealth. Such thoughts are not encouraged. In fact, we should try to gain a better understanding on how the God of Wealth acquire his wealth and adopt the same attitude in order to gain the technique to making money. For example, Shen Wan San made use of the "money begets money" theory to acquire his wealth while Tao Zhugong used his wisdom to gain his wealth.

During our journey, we also visited Yiwu International Trading Centre, the film site for numerous TV and movie epics in Hengdian, Shanghai Expo sites, Maoshan Mountain etc. and it was an eye-opening experience! These destinations have its unique styles that are interesting in its own ways. For example, Maoshan Mountain is adept at using its status as the "Most Prosperous Place on Earth" and has developed into one of China's largest Taoism Centre for self-cultivation.

This year, we chose Shenwu Men, the northern gate at the Forbidden City, to bask in the Zi Wei Star. Although the sky was cloudy, we could still make out the position of the Zi Wei Star upon scrutiny. The circumstances whereby we basked in Zi Wei Star differs from that of the previous year. In the previous year, the night was clear with a bright moon and stars. It signified a somewhat favourable year for 2010. However, judging from this year's situation, the luck cycle for 2011 may be unfavourable. Thus, I hope that everybody can make better preparation to face the challenges in the coming year.

Next year's Feng Shui Discovery Tour shall be the last tour of its series. I plan to lead everybody to examine how the Emperor enhances his health and increase longevity. At the same time, we shall visit the Sleeping Deity at Huashan Mountain to improve vitality! For interested parties, do watch out for further details coming soon!

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