Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shanghai - The Land Whereby The Seven Stars Landed

There are friends who mentioned that Shanghai symbolises a hidden dragon and it may be difficult or next to impossible to find the dragon pulse. In the studies of feng shui, it is indeed tougher to seek a hidden dragon and this is because there are no tall mountains or mountain range in the plains. Furthermore, Shanghai lies in the exit of the Yangtze River that flows downstream and was created with the accumulation of sediment. Thus, it is more difficult to find the dragon pulse.

Nonetheless, one will still be able to find traces of the dragon pulse with careful observations. In fact, the dragon bone was hit during the building of the expressway in Shanghai. Foundation of the road works can only be lay after a revered priest held rituals and conducted prayers. He also placed a talisman on the dragon bone to ensure stability. However, this revered priest passed away shortly and many believed that this is the outcome for revealing heavenly secrets.

Shanghai consists of five dragons (Huangshan Mountain Range, Xishan Mountain Range, Dongting Mountain Range, Nantong Mountain Range and Jinshan Mountain Range) and is known as the land whereby the seven stars landed. With appropriate development, such a geomantic formation can transform Shanghai into a prosperous financial and business district.

In the beginning, Shanghai focused solely on developing the West of the Huangpu River. Thus, only three stars were developed. These three stars have been occupied by three famous temples, which are namely Jing’an Temple, Jade Buddha Temple and Long Hua Temple. Surrounding the three temples are prospering business districts and this indicates the area to be blessed with good geomantic attributes.

Upon the development of Pudong, the remaining four stars were discovered. Pudong became a cosmopolitan city that is comparable to New York of America and Paris of France. It also became a world-class financial and trading hub.

Actually, many places have the geomantic formation whereby the seven stars landed. E.g. Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Orchard Road in Singapore. However, as a globetrotter who travelled to many places, this is my first time witnessing a large-scale geomantic formation featuring the land whereby the seven stars landed.

Shanghai has evolved to its current prosperous status after going through many challenges. I hope that the government does not destroy the favourable geomantic formation during the implementation of city development.

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